Why Casual Can Still Be Colorful

Photography by Miranda of Wildroot Photo (see below for link)

Photography by Miranda of Wildroot Photo (see below for link)

Happy Sunday Friends,

How are you doing on this sunny Sunday, lovely people? I hope you've had a brilliant week and weekend filled with picnics, barbecues, and swimming! Comment down below what you've been up to! This week, we celebrated the 4th of July with our American pals! I mean, what's more unexpected than Englishmen hosting an American Independence Day party?! (We jump on any excuse for great food and hanging with great friends of course!) Anyway, tomorrow might be Monday, but that also means a fresh start so let's make it a good week! 

When you think casual, comfy clothing, the first thing that pops into your head might be some dull baggy sweatpants (Reeboks with the strap, aye!) or some nike shorts and a black or grey tee, but casual doesn't have to be that boring. Today, I want to discuss why casual and comfy doesn't have to mean black leggings and a black top! All clothing is getting more and more comfy these days, so there's no excuse not to look put together at the same time as being comfortable. Here's how to stay comfy while still keeping colorful! 

Spot the sneaky cow for 500 points! 

Spot the sneaky cow for 500 points! 


Tees are your new best friend when trying to take your casual outfit from colorless to vibrant and fun, because there's really nothing more convenient than a t-shirt. There are endless amounts of interesting, unique, and colorful t-shirts out there for you to choose from right now, so there really is no excuse for you to slip into a black or grey tee. The tee I chose, was this one from Topshop, with rainbow stripes and the word 'happy' embroidered across the front. 

Flat Shoes

It's no secret that I'm a fan of comfortable shoes and rarely wear heels. You can look back at all of my blog posts and find that I'm not wearing any heels over the 3" mark. To keep comfy and casual, flat shoes are a must. I chose to go with some flat espadrilles that keep my feet cool and comfy, while still injecting more color into my look!



Denim is the perfect alternative to your leggings or sweatpants, and it doesn't have to be jeans! I know this time of year you feel like you're literally boiling from the inside-out sometimes, so instead of jeans, opt for a denim skirt, like mine here, or even a denim pair of shorts. Also, if you're hesitant to add too much color, like I did, to your look, think of blue denim as a neutral! It'll brighten up your look without you even really noticing!

Special thank you to Miranda from Wildroot Photo for taking me to Cruz Farms and taking more photos for me! I always enjoy our little photo adventures and you have some serious skill, lady! Be sure to check out her website here and make her your number one choice for any engagements, weddings, or elopements! 

As always, all of the pieces that make up my outfit this week are down below for you to shop too! Remember to follow me on Instagram and Facebook at @thestyletransplant for more daily updates. I'd love to become friends on there as well! Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and check back here again next week for another post photographed by the lovely Miranda!

Georgie x

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